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Portfolio of U-M Startups

Animal Diversity Web logo

A regionally customizable mobile field guide which crowdsources flora and fauna identification and white boxes the data for sub license.

Inventor(s): .



Battery Nano Technology

Energy Storage Technology which has low carbon content which improves the performance of the battery.

Inventor(s): Binay Prasad

Management: Binay Prasad 




Collabrify.IT logo

Collaborative education platform for distributed learning

Inventor(s): Elliot Soloway

Management: Elliot Soloway 


Court Innovations logo

Online arbitrator for minor violations

Inventor(s): JJ Prescott

Management: JJ Prescott 


Diamond Kinetics logo

Micro device Measures Bat Swing for improved hitting.

Inventor(s): Noel Perkins

Management: Noel Perkins 


Hygratek logo

Oil/water separation film and coating

Inventor(s): Anish Tuteja

Management: Anish Tuteja 


Inmatech (Supercapacitor) logo

Supercapacitor with improved safety and significant cost savings

Inventor(s): Levi Thompson

Management: Levi Thompson 


LFLA (Li, Fischer, Lepech and Assoc.)

Flexible and self healing cement

Inventor(s): Victor Li

Management: Victor Li 




Maize Analytics logo

Compliance-based auditing of EHRs

Inventor(s): Dan Fabbri

Management: Dan Fabbri 


Mia Motors

A combined energy storage system and wireless charging system for electric vehicles in China.

Inventor(s): Chris Mi

Management: Chris Mi 




ONL Therapeutics logo

Peptide therapeutic for retinal detachment/ macular degeneration

Inventor(s): David Zacks

Management: David Zacks 


Optimal Process Technologies, LLC

A rivet-weld combination for improved joining technique of dissimilar and composite material

Inventor(s): S. Jack Hu

Management: S. Jack Hu 




PhasiQ logo

A microfluidic platform for simultaneous detection and quantitation of up to 100 protein biomarkers while eliminating false positives

Inventor(s): Shu Takayama

Management: Shu Takayama 


Ventris Learning logo

Educational tool to bridge the Black/White learning gap

Inventor(s): Stephanie Craig

Management: Stephanie Craig 


Arborlight, LLC logo

Dynamic daylight emulation system with environmental feedback controls

Inventor(s): PC Chu, Max Shtein



Ann Arbor MI

Atterocor logo

Development of novel therapy for the treatment of adrenal cancer

Inventor(s): Gary Hammer, Tom Kerppola



Ann Arbor MI

Blusine logo

Power management for hybrid and electric vehicles

Inventor(s): -




H3D, Inc. logo

Gamma ray detection and imaging system/software

Inventor(s): Zhong He



Ann Arbor, MI

OncoFusion Therapeutics, Inc. logo

Personalized therapeutics for patients with genetically defined cancers

Inventor(s): Arul Chinnaiyan, Shaomeng Wang



Ann Arbor, MI

PsiKick Semiconductor logo

Next generation ultra low power wireless sensing device

Inventor(s): David Wentzloff



Charlottesville, VA

Sen Sigma logo

Sensors for real-time defect and quality evaluation using smart spectroscopic monitoring systems

Inventor(s): Jyoti Mazumder



Ann Arbor, MI

Silicium logo

Low cost silicon based thermoelectrics

Inventor(s): Akram Boukai



Structured Microsystems, LLC logo

Implantable microsystem design based on glass-in-silicon wafer process

Inventor(s): Razi Haque



Ann Arbor, MI

AlertWatch logo

Heads-up display for anesthesiologists

Inventor(s): Kevin Tremper



Ann Arbor, MI

Baker-Calling logo

MEMS microphones

Inventor(s): Karl Grosh



Ann Arbor, MI

Diapin Therapeutics logo

Peptide-based therapies for diabetes

Inventor(s): Eugene Chen



Ann Arbor, MI

e-Sens logo

Microfabricated electrochemical sensors for water quality

Inventor(s): Richard Brown



Salt Lake City, UT 


Edington Associates logo

Healthcare cost and productivity assessment services

Inventor(s): Dee Edington



Ann Arbor, MI

Emergent Micro Systems logo

Communication, education and entertainment device for underserved countries

Inventor(s): David Blaauw



Ann Arbor, MI 


LectureTools logo

Student engagement and assessment tools

Inventor(s): Perry Samson



Ann Arbor, MI

Possibilities for Change logo

Teen risk behavior web-based screening tools

Inventor(s): Jennifer Salerno



Ann Arbor, MI

Pryor Medical logo

Lower aortic tourniquet

Inventor(s): Jon Eliason



San Antonio, TX 


Reveal Design Automation logo

IC design verification products

Inventor(s): Karem Sakallah



Ann Arbor, MI

Spider9 logo

Dynamic energy systems

Inventor(s): Kang Shin



Northville, MI

Ambiq Micro logo

Ultra-low-power microprocessors

Inventor(s): David Blaauw, Dennis Sylvester

Management: Scott Hanson 


Westlake Hills, TX

Ascentage Pharma Group logo

Therapeutics targeting breast cancer

Inventor(s): Shaomeng Wang

Management: Dajun Wang 


Hong Kong, China 


CAMLA logo

Joint venture with Cambridge University for English language assessment

Inventor(s): The University of Michigan English Language Institute

Management: Casey Marks 


Ann Arbor, MI

ChemXlerate logo

Tools to identify crystalline forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Inventor(s): Adam Matzger

Management: Adam Matzger 


Ann Arbor, MI

CSquared Innovations logo

Advanced battery cathode manufacturing technology

Inventor(s): Pravansu Mohanty



Ann Arbor, MI

Electric Field Solutions logo

Static electrical field measurement device

Inventor(s): Nilton Renno, Steve Rogacki

Management: Nilton Renno 


Ann Arbor, MI

Fusion Coolant Systems, Inc. logo

Replacement for machining cutting fluid with CO2 emulsion

Inventor(s): Steven Skerlos

Management: Brad Darr 


Ypsilanti, MI

JBR Pharma logo

Selective threonine/serine kinase inhibitors

Inventor(s): Gary Glick

Management: David Hoffman 


Ann Arbor, MI

Life Magnetics logo

Rapid cell culturing using magnetic spheres

Inventor(s): Raoul Kopelman, Brandon McNaughton

Management: Sundu Brahmasandra 


Ann Arbor, MI

Nymirum logo

RNA screening drug research tool

Inventor(s): Hashim Al-Hashimi

Management: Michael Pape 


Ann Arbor, MI

Photolitec logo

Photosensitizing compounds used in photodynamic cancer therapy

Inventor(s): Raoul Kopelman

Management: Ravindsa Pandey 




3D Biomatrix logo

Crystalline structured transparent 3D scaffolds for cell culture
 (3D petri dish)

Inventor(s): Nick Kotov, Shuichi Takayama

Management: Nick Kotov  


Ann Arbor, MI

Civionics LLC logo

Dense wireless sensor networks for building automation systems

Inventor(s): Jerry Lynch

Management: Andy Zimmerman 


Ann Arbor, MI

Crossbar logo

Next-generation, high-density crossbar array for improved computer memory

Inventor(s): Wei Lu

Management: George Minassian 


Menlo Park, CA

Hearing Health Science logo

Neuroscience company translating medical research into safe hearing preservation solutions.

Inventor(s): Josef Miller

Management: Barry Seifer 


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Histosonics logo

Image-guided histotripsy system using ultrasound to excise and mechanically homogenize tissue

Inventor(s): Charles Cain

Management: Tom Davison 


Ann Arbor, MI

Infomotion Sports logo

Sensor-enabled sporting equipment for skill analysis and training

Inventor(s): Noel Perkins

Management: Mike Crowley  


Boston, MA

miRcore logo

Core facility for the discovery of MicroRNA disease biomarkers

Inventor(s): Inhan Lee



Ann Arbor, MI

Shepherd Intelligent Systems

Real-time fleet management plus customer-oriented vehicle location and time-of-arrival alert functions

Inventor(s): Marc Allen, Jason Dillaman, Evan Hsu, Stephen Musko, Prasanth Pandian, Christopher Ruf

Management: Adrian Fortino  


Ann Arbor, MI

Tangent Medical Technologies

Catheter stabilization systems for fluid/medication delivery

Inventor(s): Adrienne Harris, Elyse Kemmerer, Merrell Sami, Steven White

Management: Jeff Williams, CEO and Chairman of the Board 


Ann Arbor, MI

Vortex Hydro Energy

Sub-surface hydrokinetic power generating devices for rivers and oceans

Inventor(s): Mike Bernitsas

Management: Gus Simiao 


Ann Arbor, MI

American Customer Satisfaction Index, LLC logo

Economic indicator based on customer satisfaction

Inventor(s): Claes Fornell

Management: Sheri Teodoru, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Biotectix, LLC logo

Develop bioactive, conductive polymer materials and coatings specifically tailored to enhance a wide variety of implantable medical devices

Inventor(s): David C. Martin

Investor(s): Allied Minds Inc. 


Ann Arbor, MI

Integrated Sensor Technologies logo

Miniature high-speed current probes

Inventor(s): Raul Kopelman





OcuSciences logo

Device for early non-invasive detection of retinal and metabolic diseases

Inventor(s): Vic Elner, Howard Petty

Investor(s): VC Seed Round

Management: Kurt Reigger 


Phrixus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. logo

Treatment for symptoms of DMD and heart failure

Inventor(s): Joseph Metzer

Management: Leslie Browne, President & CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Securus Medical LLC logo

Device to prevent esophageal thermal injury during catheter ablation procedures

Inventor(s): Hakan Oral





Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc. logo

Health monitoring products that interface directly with human skin

Inventor(s): Joerg Lahann

Investor: Flagship

Management: Jim Matheson 


UMERSE, Inc. logo

Tools for searching clinical documents

Inventor(s): David Hanauer





Armune BioScience, Inc. (was Immunomics, Inc.) logo

Cancer diagnostic utilizing microarray autoantibody signatures

Inventor(s): Arul Chinnaiyan

Investor(s): Apjohn Group

Management: Eli Thomssen, CEO 


Kalamazoo, MI

CytoPherx logo

Treatment of inflammation-based diseases and conditions using selective cytopheresis system (Formerly: Nephrion)

Inventor(s): H. David Humes

Investor(s): Apjohn Ventures, Diamond Capital Management, Lurie Investments Inc., North Coast Technology Investors LP, Western Michigan University

Management: Jim Danehy, CEO; David Humes, CSO 


Ann Arbor, MI

ePack, Inc. logo

Advanced water scale packaging for MEMS devices

Inventor(s): Khalil Najafi

Management: Jay Mitchell, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

InCytu Inc.   logo

Cell-based therapies for diabetic ulcers

Inventor(s): Elliott Hill

Management: Alfred Vasconcellos 


Lincoln, RI

InflaRx, Inc.  logo

Monoclonal antibody therapies against sepsis

Inventor(s): Peter A. Ward

Investor(s): Affentranger Associates, Beteiligungs-Management

Management: Niels C. Riedemann, CEO 


Jena, Germany

Lycera, Inc. logo

Treatments for autoimmune diseases

Inventor(s): Gary D. Glick

Investor(s): ARCH Venture Partners, Clarus Ventures, EDF Ventures, InterWest Partners 


Ann Arbor, MI

nLIGHT Photonics logo

Compact, high-power fiber lasers for industrial and life science applications

Inventor(s): Almantas Galvanauskas

Investor(s): RPM Ventures, Undisclosed Strategic Investor

Management: Phil Amaya, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Omni Sciences, Inc. logo

Applications of lasers for tissue ablation and infrared counter measures

Inventor(s): Mohammed N. Islam

Management: Gerald Roston, GM; Mohammed Islam, CTO 


Ann Arbor, MI

OtoMedicine, Inc. logo

Drugs and therapies for prevention of hearing loss

Inventor(s): Josef M. Miller

Management: Josef Miller, President and Interim CEO

Investor(s): SWMF Life Science Fund 


Ann Arbor, MI 


Polaris Surgical Instruments logo

Cannulated scalpels for use in bone fracture repair

Inventor(s): Steven Goldstein

Management: Herbert Huddlesten, CEO 



Sakti3, Inc. logo

Drive-train batteries for next generation transportation

Inventor(s): Ann Marie Sastry

Investor(s): Khosla Venutres

Management: Ann Marie Sastry, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Tissue Regeneration Systems, Inc. logo

Systems & materials to create living joints and other bone replacements

Inventor(s): David J. Mooney

Investor(s): Venture Investors

Management: Jim Adox, Acting CEO 


Avicenna Medical Systems, Inc.  logo

Reporting software system for electrophysiology analysis

Inventor(s): Frank Pelosi

Management: Erdwing Coronado, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

FlexSys, Inc. logo

MEMS technology for creating morphing wing & turbine blade surfaces

Inventor(s): Sridhar Kota



Ann Arbor, MI

ImBio, LLC logo

Software for medical imaging

Inventor(s): Brian Ross, Alnawaz Rehemtulla

Management: Danny J. Cunagin, CEO; Troy Kopischke, President & COO 


Minneapolis, MN

Incept Biosystems, Inc. logo

Microfluidic devices for premium cell management

Inventor(s): Shuichi Takayama, Gary Smith

Investor(s): Angel Healthcare Investors, Fenwick & West, Plymouth Venture Partners, Venture Investors

Management: Christopher Bleck, President & CEO

Acquired By: Origio 


Ann Arbor, MI
Woburn, MA

Locomatix, Inc.   logo

Software for managing extremely large databases of geospatial information

Inventor(s): Jignesh M. Patel


2007 logo

Custom DNA and peptide arrays synthesized on open surfaces (Formerly: BioDiscovery, LLC)

Inventor(s): Erdogan Gulari



Ann Arbor, MI

SandBox Innovations logo

Highly mobile mechanical robots

Inventor(s): Daniel Koditschek, Uluc Saranli, Martin Buehler



Adeona Pharmaceuticals  logo

Developing treatments for inflammatory, fibrotic & neurologic diseases (Formerly: Pipex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

Inventor(s): George J. Brewer

Investor(s): Accredited Venture Capital LLC, AFA Private Equity of Michigan, Chestnut Ridge Partners, Firebird Capital, Perceptive Life Sciences Fund, Ridgeback Capital, SDS Capital, Gemini Strategies, Whalehaven Capital, Accredited Equities Inc., William Harris Investors (WHI)

Management: Steve Kanzer, CEO

IPO: 2007 [AMEX: PP] 


Ann Arbor, MI

CastAnalysis, LLC logo

Fly casting training aid using MEMS gyros and software

Inventor(s): Noel C. Perkins

Management: Noel Perkins, Bruce Richards 


Ann Arbor, MI

Cielo MedSolutions, LLC logo

Software and IT services for primary care health providers

Inventor(s): Lee Green, Donald E. Nease, Jr., Mike Klinkman

Investor(s): Altarum

Management: David Morin, President & CEO

Acquired By: The Advisory Board Company [NASDAQ: ABCO] in 2011 


Ann Arbor, MI

Compendia Biosciences, Inc. logo

Molecular oncology tools, data, and analysis software

Inventor(s): Arul Chinnaiyan, Dan Rhoades

Management: Dan Rhodes, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Cyclos Semiconductor, Inc. logo

Ultra-low power semiconductor chips

Inventor(s): Marios Papaefthymiou, Alexander Ishii

Investor(s): Modal Perdana, Siemens Technology to Business Center 


Berkeley, CA

NanoMag, LLC logo

Grain refinement technology for magnesium and other metals

Inventor(s): Amit K. Ghosh

Management: Steve LeBeau, President & CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

SensiGen, LLC logo

Using gene-based molecular diagnostics for the early detection of HPV

Inventor(s): David M. Kurnit, Bruce C. Richardson

Investor(s): Ann Arbor SPARK, Delaware Crossing

Management: Shawn Marcell, President & CEO

Acquired By: Sequenom [NASDAQ:SQNM] in 2009 


Ann Arbor, MI, Philadelphia, PA

Zattoo, Inc.  logo

Global virtual cable network bringing live TV to the internet

Inventor(s): Sugih Jamin

Investor(s): Undisclosed Swiss Private Equity

Management: Beat Knetch, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI
Zurich, Switzerland

Accuri Cytometers, Inc. logo

Cell analysis instruments

Inventor(s): Steven J. Skerlos

Investor(s): Ann Arbor Angels, Arboretum Ventures, Baird Venture Partners, Core Network, Fidelity Biosciences, Flagship Ventures, Great Lakes Angels

Management: Jeff Williams, President and CEO

Acquired By: Becton Dickinson [NYSE: BDX] in 2011  


Ann Arbor, MI

INVIA  logo

Nuclear cardiology imaging software

Inventor(s): James R. Corbett, Edward Ficaro

Management: James R. Corbett, Chairman; Edward Ficaro, President 


Ann Arbor, MI

Mayaterials, Inc. logo

Multifunctional organic/inorganic nanocomposites for coatings and thin film technologies

Inventor(s): Richard M. Laine

Management: Richard Laine, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

McCreadie Group, Inc. logo

Software for pharmacy applications

Inventor(s): Scott R. McCreadie, Barbara R. McCreadie



Ann Arbor, MI

Xoran Technologies, Inc logo

Small, point-of-care Computed Tomography scanners for medical-imaging

Inventor(s): Neal H. Clinthorne

Management: Predrag Sukovic, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Ablation Frontiers, Inc.

Cardiac therapeutic devices

Inventor(s): Hakan Oral

Investor(s): Aberdare Ventures, Affinity Ventures, Hexagon Investments, Novartis Bioventures, Pequot Ventures, Trellis Health Ventures, Venture Lending & Leasing III, Versant Ventures, WS Investment Company

Management: Keegan Harper, CEO

Acquired By : Medtronic [NYSE:MDT] in 2009  


Carlsbad, CA

Accord Biomaterials, Inc logo

Developing coatings for blood-contacting medical devices

Inventor(s): Mark Meyerhoff, Joerg Lahann

Investor(s): Arboretum Ventures, MC3 Corp., Sigvion Capital

Management: Kris Aalto, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Ascenta Therapeutics, Inc. (formerly Accu Therapeutics, Inc.) logo

Small-molecule oncology therapeutics focusing on compounds that induce apoptosis (cell death) in tumor cells

Inventor(s): Shaomeng Wang

Investor(s): Domain Associates, Enterprise Partners, Pac-Link, Perseus LLC, Sofinnova Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, US Venture Partners

Management: Mel Sorensen, CEO 


Malvern, PA

Avidimer Therapeutics, Inc.  ( was NanoCure Corp.) logo

Cancer detection and treatment therapeutics

Inventor(s): James R. Baker



Ann Arbor, MI 


Cellectar, LLC logo

Medical imaging and therapeutic agents

Inventor(s): Raymond E. Counsell

Investor(s): Advantage Capital Partners, Continuum Investment Partners, Venture Investors LLC

Management: Bill Clarke, President & CEO

Acquired By: Novelos Therapeutics in 2011 


Madison, WI

Dentigenix logo

Chemical and biological approaches to regeneration and remineralization of dental, oral & craniofacial tissues

Inventor(s): David J. Mooney

Management: Chris Somogyi

Acquired By: Ivoclar Vivadent AG in 2003 


Seattle, WA

Mobius Microsystems, Inc. logo

Semiconductor technology focused on mixed-signal integration

Inventor(s): Richard B. Brown, Michael McCorquodale

Investor(s): Foundation Capital, Menlo Ventures, RPM Ventures

Management: Ashok Dhawan, CEO

Acquired By: IDT [NASDAQ: IDTI] in 2010 


Detroit, MI
Sunnyvale, CA

Neural Intervention Technologies, Inc logo

Intravascular treatment for brain vessel defects

Inventor(s): Daryl A. Kipke, David J. Mooney

Management: Daryl Kipke, President & CEO

Acquired By: W.L. Gore in 2006 


NeuroNexus Technologies, Inc. logo

Implantable, microscale neural probes

Inventor(s): Kensall D. Wise

Management: Daryl Kipke, President & CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

OncoImmune  logo

Drugs for MS, cancer and tuberous sclerosis

Inventor(s): Kun-Liang Guan



Columbus, OH

OPTEOS, Inc. logo

Specializing in products and services for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave measurements and diagnostics

Inventor(s): John F. Whitaker



Ann Arbor, MI

Alerion logo

Molecular medicine for the detection and treatment of cancer (Formerly: MetaProbe & Alerion Biomedical)

Inventor(s): Ray Counsell

Investor(s): IngleWood Ventures, Research Corporation Technologies, Scope Industries

Management: Sebastien Gignac, Chairman, President & CEO

Acquired By: Advanced Research Technologies, Inc. [TSX:ARA] in 2006 


San Diego, CA
Montreal, Canada

Atheron Corporation (Spinoff from IntraMedical Imaging LLC) logo

Imaging devices for diagnosis of vascular plaques

Inventor(s): Richard L. Wahl

Management: Farhad Daghighian, President & CSO 


Los Angeles, CA

Etubics Corporation logo

Vaccine development using novel adenovirus vectors

Inventor(s): Jeffrey Chamberlain, Michael J. Imperiale

Management: Frank Jones, Chairman & CEO 


Seattle, WA

MedHub, Inc. logo

Tracking and scheduling program for medical residents

Inventor(s): Paul Gauger, Thomas C. May, Peter Orr

Management: Peter Orr, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Polytorx, LLC logo

Concrete additive for strength and durability

Inventor(s): Antoine E. Naaman

Management: Bill Orabone 


Ann Arbor, MI

Soar Technology logo

Intelligent systems for defense, government, and commercial applications that emulate human decision making

Inventor(s): David Kieras, Karen Coulter, Randolph Jones, Frank Koss, John Laird

Management: Mike VanLent, President, CEO & Chief Scientist 


Eprogen, Inc. logo

Proteomics utilizing liquid-based protein separations

Inventor(s): David M. Lubman

Management: Tim Barder, President & CEO 


Darien, IL

Quantum Signal LLC logo

State-of-the-art intelligence sensing and data analysis techniques

Inventor(s): William J. Williams

Management: Mitchell Rohde 


Ann Arbor, MI

Velcura Therapeutics, Inc. logo

Developing novel therapies for osteoporosis and other bone diseases

Inventor(s): Michael W. Long

Management: Michael W. Long, President & CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Arbor Networks, Inc. logo

Internet denial of service protection tools

Inventor(s): Farnam Jahanian, G. Robert Malan

Investor(s): Battery Ventures, Cisco Systems, Comcast Interactive Capital, EDF Ventures, Ironside Ventures, SAIC Venture Capital Corporation, Thomas Weisel Venture Partners

Management: Jack Boyle, CEO; Harry Wan, CTO (Ann Arbor)

Acquired By: Tektronix Communications (Danaher Corporation) [NYSE: DHR] in 2010 


Chelmsford, MA
Ann Arbor, MI

Discera, Inc. logo

MEMS-based transceivers and related devices for frequency and timing control solutions

Inventor(s): Clark T.C. Nguyen

Investor(s): 3i Group, Ardesta LLC, Horizon Ventures, Lurie Investments, Partech International, Qualcomm Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, W Capital Partners

Management: Bruce Diamond, President & CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI
San Jose, CA

GoKnow, Inc. logo

Educational technologies improving K-12 education

Inventor(s): Stephan W. Burdick, Elliot Soloway

Management: Elliot Soloway, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

KeraCure, Inc. logo

Interactive cell-based dressing for the treatment of chronic wounds

Inventor(s): Riley S. Rees

Investor(s): KD Investments

Management: Gretchen Johnson, President & CEO 


Chicago, IL

Molecular Imaging Research Preclinical Services (was Molecular Therapeutics)   logo

Imaging intracellular events (Formerly: Molecular Therapeutics)

Inventor(s): Raoul Kopelman, Brian D. Ross

Management: W.R. "Dick" Leopold, President & CEO

Acquired By: Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. [NYSE:CRL] in 2008 


Ann Arbor, MI

NanoBio Corporation logo

Non-toxic solvent-detergent lipid suspensions with antimicrobial properties

Inventor(s): James R. Baker

Investor(s): Perseus LLC

Management: Dave Peralta, CFO & COO; James Baker, Executive Chairman & CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. logo

Biological therapeutics targeting cancer stem cells

Inventor(s): Michael F. Clarke, Max S. Wicha

Investor(s): Adams Street Partners, Bay Partners, Delphi Ventures, De Novo Ventures, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Latterell Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures, Nomura Phase4 Ventures, US Venture Partners, The Vertical Group

Management: Paul Hastings, President & CEO

Note: Originally launched as CSCG in 2001, later renamed OncoMed and relaunched in 2004 


Redwood City, CA

Originus, Inc logo

Discovering molecular origins of complex disorders using integrated array techniques

Inventor(s): Huda Akil, Michael D. Uhler

Management: Alfred Mansour, President & CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Sensicore, Inc. logo

Advancing water testing technology

Inventor(s): Richard B. Brown

Investor(s): Ardesta, LLC, Firelake Capital Management, NGEN Partners, Technology Partners, Topspin Partners

Management: Malcolm Kahn, CEO

Acquired By: General Electric [NYSE:GE] in 2008 


Translume, Inc logo

Advanced glass micromachining providing new ways to advance sensing, microfluidic and optical communication capabilities

Inventor(s): Peter P. Pronko

Investor(s): Ardesta LLC, Avalon Technology Ventures, Michigan 21st Century Jobs Fund

Management: Phillippe Bado, President & CTO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Xeotron Corp logo

Microarray nucleic acid processing chip

Inventor(s): Erdogan Gulari

Acquired By: Invitrogen in 2004 


Houston, TX 


HandyLab, Inc.  logo

Developing novel clinical diagnostic testing products to improve infectious disease testing

Inventor(s): Mark A. Burns

Investor(s): Ardesta LLC, Arboretum Ventures, Dow Ventures, DuPont Ventures, EDF Ventures, Pfizer Strategic Investments, SBV Venture Partners, Trillium Ventures, Wolverine Venture Fund

Management: Jeff Williams, President & CEO

Acquired By: Becton Dickinson [NYSE: BDX] in 2009 


Ann Arbor, MI

Interlink Networks, Inc. logo

Provides Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) systems to secure access to wireless and wired networks

Inventor(s): John R. Vollbrecht

Investor(s): Arbor Partners, Duchossors Technology Partners, Intel Capital, M-Group, Mustang Ventures, Nokia Internet Communications, Siemens Venture Capital

Management: Roger Burgett, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

NextHop Technologies  logo

Provides WiFi mobility and networking protocol software for the wired and wireless communications market (Formerly: Djinesys, Inc)

Inventor(s): Susan K. Hares

Investor(s): Duchossis Technology Partners, Labrador Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Parker Price Venture Capital

Acquired By: U4EA Technologies in 2008 


Mountain View, CA
Ann Arbor, MI 


Rubicon Genomics logo

Amplification technologies for molecular diagnostics and research

Inventor(s): John P. Langmore

Investor(s): Duchossois Technology Partners, ARCH Development Partners and Sloan Ventures

Management: James Koziarz 


Ann Arbor, MI

Xtera Communications, Inc  logo

Optical networking transport solutions for regional, long-haul and ultra-long-haul networks

Inventor(s): Mohammed N. Islam

Investor(s): Accel Partners, ARCH Venture partners, Atlas Venture, Berkeley International, CenterPoint Ventures, ComVentures, CSK Venture Capital, EDF Ventures, Hook Partners, InterWest Partners, J.P. Morgan Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Questar, Rho Management, Sevin Rosen, Star Ventures, TVM Capital, Wellcome Trust of London

Management: Jon Hopper, CEO 


Allen, TX

Clark-MXR, Inc. logo

Ultrafast laser systems

Inventor(s): Steven Kane, Peter P. Pronko

Management: Bill Clark, President & CEO 


Dexter, MI

HealthMedia, Inc. logo

Delivers tailored behavioral support programs to health management organizations and pharmaceutical companies

Inventor(s): Vic Strecher

Investor(s): Arboretum Ventures, Ardesta, Avalon Capital Group, AvTech Ventures, Chrysalis Ventures, Princeton Fund

Management: Sanjay Gupta, CEO

Acquired By: Johnson & Johnson [NYSE:JNJ] in 2008 


Ann Arbor, MI

Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc  (ISSYS) logo

Advanced micro-machining technologies for medical devices and scientific analytical sensing applications

Inventor(s): Khalil Najafi, Kensall D. Wise

Management: Nader Najafi, President & CEO 


Ypsilanti, MI

IntraLase logo

Medical device company that developed an automated procedure for laser vision correction, procedure known as "IntraLasik" or "Bladeless Lasik"

Inventor(s): -

IPO: 2004 [NASDAQ:ILSE], Acquired by Advanced Medical Optics [NYSE:EYE] in 2007, Abbott [NYSE:ABT] in 2009 




Nanocerox, Inc.    (was Tal Materials, Inc.) logo

Oxide ceramics and nanopowders

Inventor(s): Richard M. Laine

Investor(s): Ann Arbor Angels, Arbor Partners, Great Lake Angels, Valenti Capital

Management: Steve Swanson, Chairman & CEO; Peter Gray, President & COO 


Ann Arbor, MI

VisiTek, Inc. logo

Machine vision intelligent systems

Inventor(s): Yi L. Murphey



Ann Arbor, MI 


CardioGene Therapeutics   logo

CardioGene is focused on the development of novel gene therapy products for the treatment of cardiovascular disease (Formerly: Genocor, Inc.)

Inventor(s): Jeffrey M. Leiden, Betsy Nabel, Gary Nabel

Management: Martin Cleary, President & CEO

Acquired By: Boston Scientific [NYS:BSX] in 1998 


Michigan Aerospace, Inc. logo

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) and related optical systems for atmospheric measurement

Inventor(s): Paul B. Hays

Management: Peter Tchoryk, CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Mitex Solutions, Inc  logo

Run-to-run controllers for semiconductors

Inventor(s): James Moyne

Management: James Moyne, President & CEO

Acquired By: Brooks Automation [NASDAQ:BRKS] in 2000 


Biotherapies, Inc. logo

Commercializing Mammastatin Serum Assay technology used to screen breast cancer risk

Inventor(s): Paul R. Ervin

Acquired By: Genesis Bioventures [AMEX:GBI] in 2001, now Abviva [OTC;ABVV] 


Long Beach, CA

PicoMetrix, Inc.  logo

High-speed optical sensing devices

Inventor(s): Steven L. Williamson

Management: Richard Kurtz, CEO

Acquired By: Advanced Photonics, Inc. [AMEX:API] in 2005 


Ann Arbor, MI

IDUN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  logo

Therapeutic applications focused on inhibiting caspase activity as treatments for liver disease and inflammation

Inventor(s): Gabriel Nunez

Investor(s): Aberdare Ventures, Abbott Laboratories, Accel Partners, ARCH Venture Partners, BioVeda Capital, Delphi Ventures, Elan International Services, GeneChem, Hambrecht & Quest Capital Management, Institutional Venture Partners & Affiliated Entitites, MPM Capital, Novartis Pharma AG, Pacific Rim Ventures, Prospect Venture Partners, RBC Capital Partners, Sorrento Venture, Sutter Hill Ventures, Temasek Holdings, Venrock Associates, Ventana Capital Management

Management: Steven Mento, President & CEO

Acquired By: Pfizer, Inc. [NYSE:PFE] in 2005 


Targeted Genetics    logo

Molecular medicines for disease detection and prevention (Formerly: Genevo)

Inventor(s): James M. Wilson

Investor(s): Biogen, Inc., Dompe Pharmaceuticals

Management: Eric Aguiar

Acquired By: Targeted Genetics, Inc. [NASDAQ; TGEN] in 2000 


Sharon Hills, PA

Vetgen, Inc. logo

Research and genetic disease detection services for all purebred animals

Inventor(s): George J. Brewer

Management: Ray Royal, President & CEO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Audiocomp, Inc. logo

Digital audio compression system

Inventor(s): David J. Anderson



Adrian, MI 


GlycoGen logo

Developing immunomodulatory & anti-inflammatory therapeutics based on cell adhesion technology

Inventor(s): John B. Lowe

Investor(s): Delphi Ventures

Acquired By: Cytel Corp [NASDAQ:CYTL] in 1991, Neose [NASDAQ; NTEL] in 1999, NovoNordisk [NYSE:NVO] in 2008  


San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA
Horsham, PA
Bagsvaerd, Denmark

K-Space Associates, Inc. logo

Optical imaging using in-situ thin-film and wafer characterization technologies

Inventor(s): Darryl Barlett, Roy Clarke

Management: Darryl Barlett, General Manager; Roy Clarke, President 


Dexter, MI

SoloHill Engineering, Inc. logo

Microcarriers and protocols for cell culture applications

Inventor(s): James Varani

Management: Dave Solomon, CEO; William Hillegas, EVP & CSO 


Ann Arbor, MI

Aastrom Biosciences logo

Developing autologous stem cell products for use in regenerative medicine

Inventor(s): Bernhard O. Palsson

Investor(s): EDF Ventures

Management : Timothy M. Mayleben, CEO



Ann Arbor, MI

BioQuant of Ann Arbor, Inc. logo

Discovering and developing drugs for oncology, inflammation, immunology, & metabolic diseases

Inventor(s): Craig R. Halberstadt, Willfried Schramm

Management: Bassam B. Damaj, CEO & CSO; Henry Esber, SVP, CBO, & Chairman 


San Diego, CA

TSRL, Inc. logo

Developing drug delivery solutions

Inventor(s): Gordon L. Amidon

Management: John Hilfinger, Executive Vice President & General Manager 


Ann Arbor, MI

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